Terms of service

Terms of service becomes urgent at once after the beginning of use of the visitor of any services RusDosug. The regularity of visit has no value. At the visitor's disagreement with this agreement, he is obliged to leave RusDosug immediately.

  1. Subject PS:
    1. This terms of service (TS) regulates relationship between visitors of the website and RusDosug.
    2. Visitors it is considered to be the natural persons recognized capable which at the time of visit of RusDosug executed 21 (twenty one) years.
    3. RusDosug - the website created for the purpose of the intimate acquaintances of the persons which reached majority and recognized capable.
    4. The representative of RusDosug can change any points of this TS unilaterally, without notice visitors. The new version of the agreement is considered valid two days later from the moment of publication if in the new edition the agreement is not provided other option.
  2. General provisions
    1. The visitor agrees that in comments, questionnaires, and other ways, available on RusDosug, it is forbidden to specify by any information which can cause violation of current laws of the Russian Federation. Besides, information which the visitor has no to place and process legal basis is forbidden. If, because of the instruction on RusDosug of similar data, damage was caused to the person, then responsibility will be born not by the representative, but the visitor who placed her.
    2. Any questionnaires are placed independently visitors or by means of the third parties. The representative or the owner of RusDosug are not engaged in placement of questionnaires.
    3. This agreement not strongly recommends users who were not 21 years old, to visit this RusDosug. Having come on it, the visitor agrees that he is already 21 years old. The visitor undertakes to leave RusDosug if his age is lower than 21 year. The representative of RusDosug does not bear responsibility if the visitor did not follow recommendations and violated the obligation to leave RusDosug immediately, and also for the consequences caused by visit of this RusDosug.
    4. The visitor realizes that, visiting RusDosug, he can see its contents which can be unworthy, obscene or offensive for him. RusDosug, under no circumstances, is not going to bear responsibility for information which was placed by users, especially for the pictures, contents and other materials with a pronounced sexual orientation intended only for visitors 21 years are more senior. At placement on RusDosug of questionnaires, visitors can specify in them the cost, contacts and other personal information which as they consider, will help to find acquaintance.
  3. Release from obligations
    1. You give the consent that:
      1. Only you the visitor is responsible for use of RusDosug opportunities him. Services RusDosug are available to all visitors "as is". Representatives of RusDosug are not responsible for anything, in particular, for compliance of opportunities of RusDosug of the purpose of visitors.
      2. Under any conditions responsibility of RusDosug is limited to the sum of 50 (fifty) American dollars and assigned to RusDosug at identification in his actions of fault.
      3. Any content available to you due to use of services RusDosug, you apply under personal responsibility, the representative of RusDosug does not answer for any damage which your computer and information which is stored on it owing to loading of this content can receive.
      4. RusDosug is not responsible for result from placement of the questionnaire by you on RusDosug and for interactions with other users.
      5. The representative of RusDosug is not responsible for the damage received owing to unauthorized access to your account; use or impossibility of use of services; statement or actions of other persons.
      6. The representative of RusDosug is not responsible for duplication by other persons of the personal data placed by the visitor on other websites and in media.
      7. RusDosug does not give any guarantees that: all defects in programs will be corrected; results which will be received with application of services will be urgent and truthful; quality of any service, production, the text which are received as a result of application of services will approach under your representations; processes will approach under your inquiries; processes will be provided trouble-free, quickly, accurately and without mistakes.
  4. Rights and duties of visitors
    1. The visitor admits the fact that the unregistered visitors can visit RusDosug. The representative of RusDosug is not obliged to be responsible for the actions which are carried out by them.
    2. The visitor understands and agrees that for all contacts, the contents, a photo, video records, comments and other data placed for general acquaintance the visitor who placed all this bears responsibility. Respectively, the visitor, but not RusDosug, is responsible for data which it loads, sends, he transfers or extends by use of opportunities of RusDosug. The representative should not exercise control over information which is placed on RusDosug. Respectively, it does not guarantee relevance, completeness or quality of this information.
    3. The visitor agrees that he will not reproduce, duplicate, realize, use any components of RusDosug, its service or access to services for commercial purposes. An exception are cases when administration of RusDosug commission of similar actions was authorized.
    4. The visitor agrees that all personal information entered by him in appropriate sections of RusDosug is related only to it and does not violate the rights and interests of strangers, including the right of each personality for private life at all. He realizes and agrees that the personal information provided by the visitor in the questionnaire, including phones, the e-mail address, a photo, will be placed and available to acquaintance to all users on the Internet.
    5. The visitor gives the consent that he will not apply RusDosug to the following purposes:
      1. placement of data on which it has no right which he cannot make available to considerable number of users because of the available contractual obligations or the current legislation of the Russian Federation;
      2. distribution of any data, viruses or other ON, posing in itself threat for means of communication and involving not allowed access. Too undesirable data consider the logins, passwords, other opportunities serving for receiving illegal access to the paid websites. Also publication of references to similar data is forbidden;
      3. distribution of information propagandizing racism, discrimination on social, sexual, religious features. Distribution of the certain persons or the organizations menacing to reputation, doubtful inappropriate to moral standards, violating copyright and offensive facts;
      4. commission of actions which violate the rights of all minorities;
      5. distribution of information concerning the concrete patent, the registered trademark, a trade secret, a copywriting or any other property rights, the rights of foreign persons, author's or adjacent to it;
      6. violations of interests of the minor citizen or causing to it any moral or physical damage;
      7. placements of a porn of production, especially children's;
      8. assignments to other personality without telling arguments on that and deception concerning characteristics of other visitors or qualities of other objects;
      9. distribution of not allowed advertizing, spam, someone else's databases, network marketing, systems of earnings in network, "letters of happiness" and any other similar materials;
      10. conscious violation of precepts of law;
      11. encouragement of the actions going to a section with restrictions and the bans which are imposed by the agreement;
      12. collecting and storage of personal data of other registered users;
      13. distribution of an advertisement about brothels;
      14. violations of stable work of RusDosug;
      15. applications of all forms and ways which would provide illegal representation of other people in network.
    6. In case of violation of this agreement the account of the user is blocked, and the means which are registered for this account, do not come back.
    7. The visitor fully realizes that the technology of functioning of services can request transfer of your data on computer communications and their change for reduction in compliance with technical requirements.
    8. The visitor understands that the official representative of RusDosug should not be interested in any data before they were placed that the representative of RusDosug can refuse publication of the questionnaire or withdraw it at any time, without explaining the reason. The visitor recognizes that he personally gives an assessment to the possible risks connected with use swore at RusDosug.
  5. References
    1. RusDosug can have references to other Internet resources. You give the consent that RusDosug is not responsible for their availability, the materials, any consequences relating to use of these these websites in any way.
  6. The rights of RusDosug on the relation of information of RusDosug
    1. You realize and agree to the fact that you will trade on the data which are laid out on RusDosug only. The representative of RusDosug is not responsible for application of the contacts by visitors or other persons specified RusDosug.
    2. You give the confirmation on the fact that services RusDosug and everything belonging to them ON are protected by the law. The exception is made by cases which were coordinated with administration of RusDosug, at the same time you give the consent that you will not modify, realize, in every possible way to distribute information and the software of RusDosug, in whole or in part.
    3. You understand that when loading by you of content and a photo on RusDosug, you transfer the rights for their use to representatives of RusDosug, at the same time we can withdraw without any notifications of the data which violate the rights of other people, offensive and inveracious content.
  7. Accounts and confidentiality of visitors
    1. The visitor agrees that the representative of RusDosug can block his login and withdraw any information, without explaining the reason.
    2. After the visitor was registered on RusDosug, he receives the login and the password necessary for opening of access to certain sections of RusDosug which demand preliminary registration and are inaccessible before. The visitor completely takes the responsibility for safety of the of the password and login and for any actions which will be carried out on RusDosug under his account. The visitor agrees that he is obliged to report in the shortest possible time to administration of RusDosug about a case of uncoordinated access known to it under its registration data. Also he admits that indisputable fact that under its account nobody, except his, has the rights to work, and it finishes a session on RusDosug with own hand. RusDosug is not responsible at all for possible loss or damage of information which can result from neglect the visitor of this subsection TS.
    3. Having registered on RusDosug, the user has the exclusive right to use of the unique login and the password for access to RusDosug opportunities. He cannot transfer them to the third persons. He cannot obtain from them data on registration of other user. The representative of RusDosug is not a guarantor of any arrangements between various users.
  8. Conclusion
    1. Not commission by administration of RusDosug of actions at violation by visitors of TS does not exclude leaving of the right for the official representative of RusDosug to carry out the required measures in protection of interests of the website in other time and similar violations are not treated as refusal of RusDosug of the rights at commission further.
    2. Recognition in a judicial proceeding any point as not subject to compulsory performance or invalid, does not involve invalidity or impracticability of the remained provisions of TS.
    3. TS is considered the official contract between the visitor and RusDosug having a lawful legal basis and regulates use by the visitor of services RusDosug.
    4. No point should be perceived as the beginning of relationship on joint activity between the visitor and RusDosug, the relationship of personal hiring, relationship of association or any other relationship which directly is not considered by TS.

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